AND!XOR DC31 Philanthropist Badge

AND!XOR DC31 Philanthropist Badge

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We want to give badges to hackers doing cool things. Sponsors came up big for us this year but we need your help to close the gap. Support the project as a philanthropist and we will set aside a badge just for you. As a philanthropist you’re helping us acquire additional badges, upgrade 5n4ck3y for shenanigans at DEF CON, and many sleepless nights for us... to do what we love doing, giving these away for free.

There are several things you should understand before shutting up and giving us your money.

  • This year is a traditional “electronic badge” as you have seen from us in the past. Digitally electronic, amazing artwork, and hackable via Circuit Python (the language of neckbeards).
  • There will be hacker challenges, however they wont be activated until Friday 8/11/23 at 10am Vegas Standard Time (this is due to badges being part of a challenge in the Contests & Events area of DEF CON). The badge will have instructions for activation.
  • We will ship it by early August. No pickups in Vegas.
  • International orders are not guaranteed to arrive before DEF CON (even Canada) but we will make every effort to ship in time for delivery.
  • If you don't like this, that's okay, you can chance it at the con. Many of the badges will be given away for various hacking challenges or just randomly.

Philanthropist badges come in a brushed copper finish with options to upgrade to some extra blinged out limited edition material.

Special thanks to this year's sponsor: Urbane Security & CTFd, let’s celebrate them w00w00!